Author Topic: Rotational Governorship Tenures In Enugu State, Good Or Bad?  (Read 198 times)

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Since the return to civilian democratic rule in 1999, Enugu state has been rotating the leadership of the state among the 3 senatorial districts that make b up the state. This article is aimed at reviewing the prospects and challenges inherent in this style of choosing the leaders of this state.

It was Chimaroke Nnamani who won the first election in Enugu state after the return to democracy. Chimaroke is from the Enugu East and Central senatorial district which comprises of all of Nkanu land, Nike lands and Isi Uzo local council. He ruled for 8 years.

Then came the next administration of Sullivan Chime from Enugu West senatorial district which comprises of Awgu, Aninri, Udi, Ezeagu and Oji River local government. Sullivan also ruled for 8 years.

Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi then took over to fill up the slot left for Nsukka land, the Enugu north district. We are not yet reviewing their style or quality of leadership, or even lack of it. We're only looking at the projections into the future.

It is expected that this rotating method will bring development into all the parts of the state since they say "Charity begins at home" . The governors are supposed to face their senatorial zone and develop I think with the resources available to them and rotate the baton of leadership to the next zone. But has this worked according to the vision of the planners?

What's your opinion?
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